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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


eternalwater7k ( 03/10/2005, 15:46:47 )

Define Evolution. If you mean Macroevolution-- changing of a species taking millions of years and changing into a whole new species--no..FALSE DOCTRINE/THEORY. If you mean Microevolution--adapting to ones habitat--yes. We saw that in African-Americans who have more melanin because they have FULL SUN RAYS on their skin and adapted. God.. is the Most High real? Find out yourself. I can show proof, but you need to be willing to see the Truth. Satan, the Deceeiver that Satanists pursue, he's real. Angels? their real. Sex. Why do you think we humans think of sex as a romantic kind of thing? We are NOT ANIMALS! Animals think of sex as reproduction. You think they enjoy it? Maybe.. most likely their love and sex does not apply to life. For humans, sex is a VERY sacred thing, and sex is through love if done the right way. If you go to one lady and have sex, then BRING THE NEXT WOMAN, NEXT, NEXT.. this is wrong. Now you have a problem. you share your body with these people like they're toys. THEY ARE HUMANS WHO HAVE DREAMS AND WISHES LIKE YOU, but you may not realize they don't want to have sex without a love. You might love them for 2 weeks, 2 years, 2 centuries, but then you break up. True love is different. True love is NEVER leaving each other no matter what! Anyways back to God. God.. Jesus.. Spirit.. PRAY! Prayer isn't a chant ritual or anything. Prayer is talking to Godl ike He is your father. Just show Him more respect than your physical Father thats all. Dear Heavenly Father, In Jesus name Amen. Other than that, shout at Him. Don't curse Him, but you can tell Him how mad you are. Heck I do! "God, what did I do to deseve this F grade? Why? Why do you take this on me? What did I do? DANGIT! Lord why me?" thats all it is. Try it. God is there. Take a Bible and read it. Look at all of the prophecies in the Old Testament, such as Isreal being restored, and in 1947 it was so! fulfilled. Many of the Messianic prophecies, in fact over half, have been fulfilled. The remaining prophecies are to take place in the End of the Universe..he End times. Is the Bible a scam? If so, THOUSAND AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF NOTHING HAS JUST BEEN WRITTEN DOWN, FROM OLD TESTAMENT DAYS TO THE NEW TESTAMENT, CAREFULLY BEING WRITTEN BY GOD'S CHOSEN AUTHORS, AND CAREFULLY SPELLED. Why would these people waist their times going to jail, witnessing to cannibals, and doing crap when they could have become Kings and noblemen? And look at the literature. The writing,grammar, and literature is so EXTRAORDIANARY than any other book. It contains no contradictions, no false doctrines, and

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