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libfemme ( 04/12/2005, 00:28:18 )

A British House of Commons committe believes parents have a right to 'genetically modify' their embryos or chose the sex of their child for 'social reasons'. And they believe human embryos should be allowed to be cloned, for medical purposes.It's about time!At members of the science and technology committee have rejected the judeo-christian dogma that believes birth defects are the result of sin, that God punishs parents through their children. I teach in the US, and still come across parents, usually immigrants from Mexico or latin america, who will refuse medical interventions for their developmentally handicapped children with a fatalist shrug because "God made him that way." Imperfect children are shunned, hidden away still in such cultures.But in a modern scoeity it is the responsibility parents to protect their children from preventable illness. Some times that means vaccinations. Some times it means antibotics. And some times it means interuterine heart surgery. And if, in the near future, we can stop such damage before it even begins it is morally reprehensible to stand in the way of such technology.Of course genetic modifications will be affordable only for the rich at first. Just as vaccinations and antibotics were first available to those who could afford them. But, eventually all medical technology becomes available to most people in the world. The more it is done, the cheaper it becomes.The solution is not to block genetic modification but to encourage it. The British government seems willing to recognize that genetic modification of embryos, so called designer babies, is only humane. And that a step in that direction includes allowing cloning of human embryos for medical research.The report leaked to the press says parents should be allowed to undergo fertility treatment which includes selection of embryos that are disease-free and for tissue type. There are desenters, but they are increasingly in the minority as people become educated about biology and the medical technology possible through cloning.

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