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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: There is a God

eternalwater7k ( 04/20/2005, 10:35:07 )

of course you weren't you are one of the 'thinkers' on this forum. I was referring to wut the teen(I have a bad memory so wuts his name.. ahh..oh its too early.. ) person said. he was askin' wut the *ell I was talking baout as us being God's motion picture--- and I was meaning that as motion film is an art, so is God's Creation, his animation, us lol Of course this is not scientigic but hey it brings understanding in if you step out of science for a sec.. its good to get fresh air from science for a while.. a little break and imagining theory making without proving. It brings peace to take a break from the well cya later IHAVETOEAT sooo hungry. so early. So tired.

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