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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: There is a God

eternalwater7k ( 03/14/2005, 17:50:49 )

Actually, friend, there IS absolution. Look at the world around you? Do you really believe it was an accident? Why is it that Planet Earth is the ONLY Planet able to have life forms, water, oxygen, and a special creature called mankind to tend to it? If you say that we evolved from the gas and explosions of billions of years ago, and don't have any proof, that is sad, because you are believing we came into existance, into this beautiful, life-ful world by nothing but chemistry. A God had to do this, nothing else could create such an artistic world. This Universe is God's painting, God's manga illustration, God's anime, God's cartoon, God's motion film, God's sketchbook in a frame..

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