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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: There is a God

iknowgodisreal ( 04/08/2005, 01:42:35 )

You say we have no proof of God's existance, except what about the people who hear God, have a relationship with God, there may be no "scientific" proof but as others have said look around you, this earth couldnt of possible just made itself, it is too complicated, that someone would of had to designed it...its just like saying an alarm clock or something just put itself together...its crazy, this world was designed by our loving God who loves us so much...and for the proof, i for one can say God does exist, because I have a relationship with Him, he speaks to me, comforts me, corrects me. and I love Him. You cant argue with someones experiences, and the people who have experienced him, you will never be able to deny what they have experienced. I just pray that you will one day experience him like i have, because God is so awesome!!

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