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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Why cloning isn't wrong (Even if God exists)

Cazzah ( 03/19/2005, 02:32:14 )

I did a school project on cloning, so I decided to put down some of my points on it to see if anyone can find any holes in my argumentThose who are opposed to cloning present several major reasons as to why we shouldn’t clone. The most important one is that we do not have the right to play God. Yet this statement lacks logic. Cloning is simply a form of reproduction in which there is only one parent contributing the genetic material. Cloning can be found naturally in most single celled organisms. All bacteria are genetic clones of their parent. Are they playing God? The only other interpretation of the statement “we don’t have the right to play God” is that if we interfere with reproduction in some way, we are playing God. This would mean that a caesarean section, the removal of a child from her mother’s womb “unnaturally” to save 2 lives is also wrong.Another argument put forth is that cloning is wrong or unethical. This statement too, lacks logic. Many people used to say that homosexuality is wrong and unethical. It is obvious that Nature intended us to breed with members of the opposite sex but just because homosexuals are different does not mean they are “wrong” or “unethical”. The same can be said about cloning. Just because nature intended us to have children by combining DNA from opposite sexes, doesn’t mean that reproducing a different way is “wrong” or unethical.Religious objectors to cloning say that clones would have no souls. Even if one ignores the fact that no one has yet actually found a soul or the lack thereof, this argument still makes no sense. If God assigns a soul to every person who undergoes a natural birth, then that would mean that people conceived using IVF would be soulless and twins, who split apart during development would only have half a soul. Although no one can agree what a person without a soul would be like, I can quite confidently say that both IVF babies and twins have souls. This must mean that no matter how you are born, whether through cloning or natural birth, God gives you a soul.

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