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JJ. OConroy ( 04/26/2005, 19:03:17 )

People, My Brothers & Sisters (Quite Literally), My Human Family, GREETINGS!: I come from the Planet Ork, and I bring a message!! Got ya! Had to start with a little levity.In just over a month, I will turn 40 Years of age. By no means ancient but hopefully, long enough to have learned a few things. And, ever sense the age of 5, I have pondered the whole issue of God. I'm not lying, I have spent phenomenal amounts of time, over 35 years, trying to come to an understanding of this whole issue. I feel that MOST, very seldom, if ever, do it justice. Scientist AND Religionists, are equally to fault.For a much more expanded concept of the Almighty, I would strongly encourage all of you to pick up a copy of the {{Urantia Writings}} supposedly, a modern day revelation of God to Man, and take some time to REALLY go through it. And please, be open minded and do your best not to approach these writings with ANY, and I mean ANY, preconceived, notions. To do so will, do a Phenomenal Injustice to this book.Having said that I know that BOTH Died Hard Scientist AND Died Hard Religionists, will just allow those words to go in one ear, and come out the other Dead, to ANY, Expanded Knowledge.When we debate the concept of whether or not, God Is, and God Exist, we are endeavoring to debate something utterly beyond human comprehension, using the utterly feeble and inadequate lumps of, material, gray matter, we call Brains, that is, at least, while we are still in the flesh.In the end people, My Human Family, there is NO ADEQUATE Way, using current conventional methods of PROVING, beyond the shadow of ANY Doubt that God Is, or Is Not. It just simply cannot be don. Once we begin to grasp a PROPER Concept of the Almighty, or The {{FIRST}} Source, and {{CENTER}} as, the Urantia Writings but it, we really begin to see in a very powerful way, why this is so.Conventional Christianity, as well as, Conventional Islam, despite their very dogmatic approach to the Understanding of God, The {ALL}Mighty, The {FIRST}Source, The {CENTER} of all life, really have greatly failed, by an large, to get an ACCURATE Grasp of God, and thus, convey that to the world. Because of this, A Modern Day Revelation is Much Needed, indeed. I believe the Urantia Writings, give us that, to a Very High Degree. This is Spirituality at the Doctorate, or PHD Level, not for the Dogmatic, not for the Small Minded. And in saying that, I still know that Christian Fundamentalist will throw, Bible Quotes at me, trying to prove to me how all this is fulfilling prophesy. Rather than using their OWN God Given reasoning ability. Because, we must EAT and DRINK the WORD, musin we? Independent Thinking is, prohibited!Molecular Biology claims, as one of its basic, fundamental, principles that SOMETHING, cannot come out of, or from NOTHING. Taking that to its ultimate extreme, the very origin all ALL Life as we know it, and you have a Powerful Argument FOR or PRO the Existence of the Almighty. The {FIRST}Source as, the Urantia Writings, claim. What existed BEFORE God? Why bother to ask such a convoluted question when, we do not even understand Life's, Basic, Primordial, Creative Force, FIRST. The greatest truth of the Bible (and I question a great deal from this book) is; "I {{AM}} the Great {{I AM}}. This is so deep and profound, very few of use get an accurate understanding of it.Physical, Material, Time {{ITSELF}} is a creation of the Almighty. It came OUT OF, was Born OUT OF, God. God, The {{ULTIMATE SUPREME}}, another definition in the writings, Exist OUTSIDE Physical, Material, Time. Come on people, how does our current, conventional, sciences, even come close to, knowing how to PROVE Such Things?! But clearly, there is strong suggestions that these things ARE. The very fact that we have the ability to Perceive the Existence of a Supreme Being / Life Force is, a strong suggestion in and of itself that, just maybe, a Supreme Being / Life Force Exist. And God {{IS}} Love. But, I might leave that for another discussion. The fact that Homo-Sapiens are, Utterly Unlike any other Creature on this Planet is, another. This is not to say that we may not have EVOLVED from some lower life form but, that there is something implanted in the Genetic Makeup of Humanity that no other creature on this planet, posses. A Soul, for lack of a better term. A type of Life Force, in and of, itself. And, this SOUL, cannot be Cloned, it is a Gift, directly from the Hand of the Almighty, and EVERY, absolutely EVERY Soul is, Different & Unique, unto itself. You Clone, Physical Matter. You do not, and cannot Clone, the Spirit, or Soul that, at some point, inhabits that body. A body without a soul, for all intense and purposes is, a Zombie. Should such things exist. That is more or less what the body would be like. A machine, functioning WITHOUT, Free Well, the Key Characteristic of Soul, or Spirit.Is an Amoeba, or a Single Celled Protoplasm, able to COMPREHEND Man, the one viewing it? We are like the Amoeba, or Single Celled Protoplasm, in relation to the First Source & Center, the Ultimate Supreme of, ALL Life, the one we so quaintly term, God.People, do you want to KNOW God, come to fully appreciate that GOD IS then, go beyond ALL Organized Religion, go beyond Current, Conventional, Science because, it is utterly inadequate to PROVE or DISPROVE {{ANYTHING}} in this regard, and do another Very, Very, Simple, and yet Truly Profound thing, the Bible, and other Religions Advocate, and that is to just {{BE STILL}}. I am talking about a type of Profound Stillness that virtually no one is this day an age, engage in, maybe outside of Buddhist, and one that Deeply & Profoundly CONNECTS you to all the LIFE FORCES / ENERGY FORCES of Creation. Including God, as well. Or, aspects of God, at any rate. When you make that connection THEN, and ONLY Then, will you KNOW, and I can pretty well guarantee you that you will be Utterly Unable to ADEQUATELY Explain that to others. God is not meant to be EXPLAINED, God is meant to be EXPERIENCED.Now, having said all this, you may very well ask; " How in the DICKENS does all this remotely, relate to Human Cloning?" It relates to the extent that I am almost 100% Convinced that God is not AGAINST the Acquiring, and Expanding of Knowledge. If that where the case, why do we have brains that we yet only use about a messily, minuscule, 2% of its full potential? 2%!! I recently heard! What other proof do we need that the Almighty fully intends for us to Grow and Expand, to EVOLVE into something, Overwhelmingly Marvelous, and Completely, and Utterly, Unlike what we currently, are. That is IF, that very same knowledge, does not DESTROY us, first.So, finely, I end by saying this; We have our Sydo-Sciences STILL, in the World Today, quite simply because; "THERE ARE {{MORE THINGS}} IN HEAVEN AND EARTH THAN ARE {{DREAMPTH OF}} IN YOUR PHILOSOPHY, MY DEAR HORACIO."I think that sums it all up quite nicely, don't you?Bi. Much Love. XO. Johnnie

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