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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


hypno insomniac ( 04/18/2005, 20:04:10 )

I don't know quite what you're saying and I don't quite want to know, but I remember earlier you believe in a superior lifeform. (I must say that I was being a jerk earlier, and I'm sorry, man. A little over-passionate x_x) Getting to the point, where did this lifeform come from? How did it create us? If your eliminating the possiblility of a supernatural being, i.e. god, how did it create matter that wasn't there before? We'd have to be made out of hydrogen and a bunch of other gasses like, from a star or something. News flash, we're CARBON LIFEFORMS, existing in a perfect ecosystem that works mutually with each other. And they'd have to be too. They can't come from nowhere, and I've never heard of one instance in history of an element spontaneously appearing, so don't even go there. An example: We breathe oxygen. Ironically, the plants breathe in the carbon dioxide we give out and renew it as oxygen. The plants also need sunlight. If the plants didn't have sunlight, the plant would die, which would mean no food for small animals. Those small animals would die and that would mean no food for bigger animals. Those big animals would die leaving no food for us. (this is just a really simple example. I could go into human body systems and all that.)Even if these beings could figure out a perfect existance for us, why would they make it so detailed, so complicated, so fragile? Why not subract the need for oxygen? Why not subtract evil? Wanna know why? Because they don't exist. God's out there. I'm 100 percent sure that he is out there. I know because that explains why nobody has ever returned from death. There has been no one who overturned in their grave and shouted "There's no God!" If there is no God, then there is no soul. If there is no soul, there is no REASON to die. Why does a locust shed its shell? Because there's a living thing inside that needs to expand. Same thing with the human body. The soul needs to escape. Where to? Heaven. Who's in heaven? God, Jesus and the Holy spirit. I don't know what you're talking about with the "out of the box thing", but I'd like you to stop saying "It's nothing but theory!" and give me some material to support your claim of theory.

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