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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


urmomma ( 04/11/2005, 14:35:09 )

Ok..mister (ms.) "I'm all Science" That's fine that you don't believe in God; where u wanna go after u die is ur choice. But don't cum up here and try to get others to be unfaithful and immoral, because who the h-ll do u think u are to try to take others away from something so gr8? It sucks that you don't feel God, and 4 that I sympathize. But God is real. You can't tell me that morals and religion aren't tied together bcuz if they weren't, morals wouldn't "exist". And hooligans like u wouldn't be arguing ur point of view. How dare you try to make it seem like we don't know the definition of "exist." Don't try to make the concept of God seem invalid just bcuz samrt a$$ scientists like u, lokk for other answers than the obvious. We didn't evolve from frikin apes, or grow from bacteria. Humans are blessed with the gift to know right from wrong and we are to use that gift to serve God. How do u explain Christs image on trees and cloths? How do u explain statues of the Virgin MARY Crying tears of blood? How do u explain the preservation of saint's bodies that are over 3000 years old? Give me a rational answer on that buddy boy and maybe I'll try to see ur point. But until then, to me, ur opinion does not "exist". Love always, urmomma

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