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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: God Does Exist - pathetic!

I_KNOW_WHOM_TO_CLONE ( 04/28/2005, 11:56:41 )

What's wrong with you people?!? Of course there is no God! What's wrong with you?!?!? What's going on in your heads? Of course everything is random! Of course there is no fate, but what we create for ourselves! What the f*** is ILL in your stin**** brains - do you really think there is something invisible watching over you, and having plans for your life?!? That's laugable!!!Religion says that it is a sin to lie, yet(!!!) - all of the things that religion proposes are eyeless lies! Excuse me, but by all the standards - that's SARKASM. And they lie, and they lie facelessly, and they lie some more, and they do not plan to stop! They do the opposite of what they say! Hypocrits!Human being must be moral, but that doesn't have to do absolutely nothing with religion(s) - it's a simpe rule: you're a human - he/she's a human - they can feel the same way you do - don't do to him/her what you don't want to expirience on yourself. (except for equal or a bit tougher revange when there is no reasoning if attempted)We are all on our own!Belief only creates frustration, and then you end-up being unhappy (or agressive if you plan to do something about it).

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