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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: God Does Exist - pathetic!

matmaster2008 ( 04/14/2005, 15:21:22 )

dear reader, i am a 14 year old student in coshocton i was studying human cloning for a project in a library skills class i have been raised in a christain home all my life my mother and father have forced me to go to my church every sunday mornin evening and on wednesday nights my church is a little small church in coshocton my mother has devoted her entire life to her kids church and work i have recently been involved in drugs alcohol and tobacco trying to live a life of happiness outside of the church and when i go to church i act all holy and clean i even go down to the altar sometimes and pretend like i'm praying but lately it has not been working for me i want something more for my life than a drug addict i want to be a better person than a couple of my relatives i would like to learn more please write me back my e-mail is

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