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Spirituality & Reason.

JJ. OConroy ( 04/26/2005, 23:05:49 )

Again, Greetings, My Human Family. I was going to entitle this post "Science & Religion" but, felt that I wanted to Broaden that a little. Also, I was considering adding another post to the thread "Prove that God Exist" but, it seems that, that thread has maybe been, dragged out long enough, now. I will try to keep this thread in the context of Cloning, and maybe, Science in general, and why this Forum was set up. Naturally, I have no control of what people will say, when and if, they choose to respond to it. The Moderators of this Board, and the Members of the Cloning Foundation, should not be surprised that the whole issue of Religion, keeps getting brought up, not when one considers the issue at hand, and where so many Religiously Minded People will strongly feel that certain researchers are playing God. Really, in order for this whole topic to gain further acceptance amongst the General Population, those advocating the furtherance of Cloning Research should be more willing, and more upfront in, addressing those concerns. In most things in life, I tend to take a middle of the road approach, even to the point of what I consider myself, sexually, neither Gay nor Straight but, somewhere in between, in short, Bi-Sexual. I very strongly feel that this, indeed is, much closer to mans NATURAL (that is IF, we have a NATURAL Sexual Orientation), than Humanities long attested belief that Heterosexuality is our Natural Sexual State. Sexual Attraction, and what Human Beings have to do in order to reproduce, are not necessarily, one and the same. And, as long as the Human Species has existed, as we currently are, Homosexuality has Existed, as well. It is by NO MEANS a modern day phenomena. Has one progresses in life, one notices those shades of gray get, larger and larger, all the time. It is only those who refuse to think and reason for themselves that are able to keep everything Black & White, all their lives. And demonize those of us who can't, or won't. Usually for very good reason. And with virtually every issue in life, there arises the Pros & Cons concerning that issue. The Pure Essence of Christianity is Very Sound, and needed in the world today, every bet as much as it was Two Mellinia, ago. But, at the same time, nearly all the Other World Religions also have very sound teachings, and practices within them, as well. Christianity is not SOLELY where it's at, as it where. Then, looking back over history, no one in all fairness, and decency, would not say that Science has not made Phenomenal, even Remarkable Contributions to the Advancement of Human Kind, and Global Society, as a whole. And continues to do so. So, do you see the shades of Gray, I'm speaking of? Neither is 100% Bad. Neither is 100% Good, either. They are only as bad or good as those practicing them. Everyone who professes Fundamentalist Christianity really, at some point in their Religious Lives, should research the actual History of the Christian Religion, and even how the Very Bible itself (the Holy, Infallible, Word of Almighty God), came into being. There was far more politics involved with it than MOST of the Christian would CARE to admit. And if the Bible is the Holy Infallible Word of Almighty God, how can the Koran be, as well, and vise versa? In short, they are great writings with, great wisdom in both, and great error, too. They are no more INFALLIBLE than what you or I would come up with. But still as important for advancing human society in, their own way as, Science is, in its. And, all my life I have sought to bring Science & Religion TOGETHER. When people choose NOT be be TOO Stiff, TOO Rigid, TOO Dogmatic, this becomes highly achievable. One compliments the other, very well when, one opens their eyes and minds to see, how this is so. Fanatic, Dogmatic, Aggressive forms of Religion, and all that, that has spawned has, don EVERYTHING to turn people AWAY from God, and next to NOTHING to turn people TOWARD God. And virtually no one in the world today is living Christ's example to the letter, anyway. Have not, for a very long time, and possibly, never will. And the reason for this is that there is a clear and decided difference between "Personal Spirituality" & "Mindless, Organized, Group Religion." One seeks a Mindless Fanatical Adherence to Dogmatic Principles, whether those principles are wise or not even, whether they make much sense, or not IE; Islam's treatment of Women, for one; while the other seeks to Establish & Enhance a persons Spiritual or Inner Self, in accordance with Modern Day Thought and Knowledge. It is not dogmatic, and is able to progress with the times. It's key practices are simple Prayer & Meditation. Talking to the Divine then, Being Silent, and allowing the Divine to Talk Back through, certain feelings and impressions that come over you. No, very seldom if ever will someone actually hear an audible voice, or have some Spirit Being appear before them though, such things cannot be ruled out completely. Not absent mindedly, and completely out of hand. This is what some of the more Dogmatic Secularist are attempting to do with, some of their remarks. Now, the thing I'm trying to get at, by saying all of this is, that Humanity, the Human Condition, and Global Society, in general, MUST Advance, and MUST be ALLOWED to advance, and only Science and Advanced & Expanded Thought, can provide that for us. Religion, or more Accurately "Personal Spirituality" continues to give man its Soul, this balances out the more Technical Side of Mans Reason. Both are important, and both are needed for the continued advancement of the Human Species, and Global Society, and the World, in general. If the Moderators allow me, I would like to add much more to this, over time. I will show how all this better ties in with Cloning in particular. Much Love, All My Best, Johnnie, Out.

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