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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Living your Friend's,Relative's or Hero's Life

JJ. OConroy ( 04/29/2005, 21:49:30 )

That's pretty mature stuff for a {{TEN}} year old. I have to really wonder how much BULL is on this board. But, I'l bite, I'll play your game and ASUME that you are only ten.Well, my little Ten Year Old "Know It All;First of all; if, you are open to the possibility of Reincernation then, you HAVE to belive in a Soul, or else, what is it that REINCERNATES into a New Body, or what have you.Secondly; there is a good possibility that should you have a clone of yourself made, you will be creating ANOTHER Human Being that just happens to look, and act, possibily think, just like you, more or less. So, should the laws of the land move in step with the science, it would indeed be Murder you are talking about as, nine chances out of ten, something like this could not be don WITHOUT Killing the Cloned Person, and thus, one would think, it would be HIGHLY Illigal. Your clone would have His or Her OWN Brain, and thus, be their OWN Individual Human Being.This is the part of this whole cloning issue that bothers me. This is why so many are against it.But, as you say, you're only TEN, and I guess you have not thought these things through. John.

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