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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Living your Friend's,Relative's or Hero's Life

nefretiri ( 04/21/2005, 17:32:56 )

that sounds great and everything, but why the hell would you want to do that. im just asking you know, not for nothing but why the hell would you want to clone yourself and then freeze your clone if that would be at all possible which i highly doubt. it just makes entirely no sense at all! if you believe in reincarnation then according to that belief in itself that would really, not be necessary. if needs be just clone yourself and then alter the clones genetics. and you do realize that your clone wouldnt even be exactly identical to you because our experiences shape part of who we are. its nature v. nurture and survival of the fittest. like twins, thats basically what you would be is identical twins. and in order to freeze your clone you would have to freeze it as an embryo and of course would need a host to bare the child. and by the way 25-40 isnt even old, to you it is because, YOU ARE, still just a child. a very smart one at that! so good luck with being a genetic engineer, youll make!

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