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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Can I ?

JJ. OConroy ( 04/29/2005, 23:21:44 )

Please excuse any spelling mistakes you see, do not have time to correct them. ----------------------------------------------------------------There is one thing that no one has bothered to mention over this board so far, not that I've noticed anyway, and it surprises me.As I understand it, and I'm not sure where I got the info from, right now, this is something I heard quite a while back that;With every consecutive reproduction you make of yourself, there will be deteration of the DNA meaning;A clone of you, may not be as good as yourself, a clone of a clone, will be even less so.This is why the mixing of the Gene Pool between "so called" races is incouraged. The child of a Middle Easterner & an Asain, for example, would be Healther, Stronger, and Geneticly MORE Robust than, a child born exclusively within either of those racial groups. A Cacasion and a Polinision, same thing, and so on.Cloneing would have to be the LEAS Geneticly Robust way of Reproduceing, imaginable, and by far, the leas favourable IF, one wanted to produce Strong, Healthy, Off-spring. This would only be an option for the MOST Disperate, in which there is next to no ther way to have a child of your own, and really, should only be don once. If the cloned child is informed that they are a clone, they should be stongly advised NOT to have yet another clone made as, futher deterioation of the DNA COULD result.If the wellbeing of the offspring (and in a sense, that is what a clone is) is not ALWAYS taken into consideration then, this really should never be intered into at all.These are all CUTE & FANCIFUL Ideas but, would be a Nightmare if acted out.John.

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