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JJ. OConroy ( 05/02/2005, 01:03:25 )

Greetings My International Family, My Family of Man.Solidarity to My VISIONARY, Brothers & Sisters, Worldwide. VISIONARY; Dictionary Definition: Adjective:1. Seeing or likely to see visions, given to dreaming or imagining.2. Of the nature of a vision, illusory, unreal.3. Not practical, {{Utopian}}, imaginary, fantastic, chimerical, quixotic. Noun:1. One who sees visions.2. One whose ideas or projects are impractical, {{DREAMER}}.Thank God (or whatever powers that be) for the DREAMERS, and those who continue to push the PRACTICAL Envelope. What is PRACTICAL Today is BACKWARD Tomorrow. Everything is RELATIVE. We should always keep that in mind.Earth NEEDS, the Visionaries & Dreamers, every bet as much as we need the Practically Minded.So, I've given you the Official Dictionary Version of Visionary now, please allow me to present my own. I assure you though maybe impractical, on the surface, my definition is far more inspirational. Once Humanity is Inspired, it becomes far more motivated to search for ways to make the IMPRACTICAL, very much PRACTICAL. Humanity is not advancing because IN MASS, we don't dare to DREAM the way we SHOULD. To dream as GODS. Please hear me out. VISIONARY; A personal Definition:#1. One whose Vision encompasses the Whole World & All Humanity.#2. One who ANNIHILATES the Envelope, and ALL PRACTICAL {{BACKWARD}} Thinking.#3. One who continually seeks HIGHER Enlightenment for the BETTERMENT of {{ALL}}.#4. One with an INNATE Ability to UNITE Humanity.#5. One who is capable of making the IMPRACTICAL, PRACTICAL, by virtue of INNATE INSIGHT.#6. One who rules with the HEART as well as the MIND.#7. One who NEVER Accepts CONVENTION.#8. One who INSPIRES Others to a HIGHER Order of Being.#9. One capable of seeing the Universal Whole, and Humanity's HIGHER Role in it.#10. One who is CONTINUALLY motivated by Spiritual, Universal, LOVE. The Spiritual LAW of Creation, and very ESSENCE of God.#11. One who TRANSFORMS with that Spiritual Love IE; Saint Francis, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, and so forth.#12. One who is TRUE to their Vision at ALL Cost.#13. One who is able to see BEYOND the FALLACY of Conventional Conditioning.#14. One not motivated by Greed or Material Allure.#15. One who acknowledges the VALUE & WORTH of ALL LIFE. It is here for a reason.#16. One who seeks to live HARMONIOUSLY with all life. Greater Enlightenment FLOWS from this Harmony.#17. One who views Earth as a SINGULAR WHOLE, and Humanity as their GLOBAL FAMILY. Harmony FLOWS from this oneness.#18. One who values the Opinion & Wisdom of Others. We are ALL capable of expressing truth as, the Powers & Forces reveal it to us.#19. One who seeks the DEEPER Truths in ALL Superficial Differences in order to ENHANCE Harmony.#20. One who continually seeks the UTOPIAN or {{PERFECT}} Way, and EVOLVES with it. Twenty, Personal Definitions of VISIONARY. I'm sure many of you can add more. What we advocate, we should strive to live. It's all about being REAL for a Higher Cause.Now, as I fully realize that the larger portion of contributers to this board are Americans, I wish to respectfully submit that the Bush Administration, and ALL Neo-Conservative, Ultra- Religious, Right Wing, Fascist Elements, in the U.S., elsewhere too but, primarily in the U.S. as, this is where most of the Power lies to today are, anything BUT Visionary, for the very reasons already stated. This is directed at the GOVERNMENT of the U.S. not the PEOPLE of the U.S.Until we begin to fashion a world according to the principles previously outlined, we will never see our Glorious, Global, Utopian, World. A world, fully within Humanities Ability to Create. Indeed, I strongly believe that we are MEANT to Create such a Utopian Society, and then from there, branch out into the Farthest Reaches of Time & Space. Gene Roddenberry's Great and Grand Vision of Tomorrow, need not be Science Fiction forever.I believe that it is High Time that Visionaries World Wide, find a Voice, and FINELY, Speak Out. Also, we need to begin to UNITE. Form International Organizations DEDICATED to Visionary Ideas & Concepts. These Ideas & Concepts will come from BOTH the Philosophical & Scientific Arenas. Those who live in Christian Societies, should ALL Dedicate themselves to making the Third Millennium the AGE that will COMPLETELY TRANSFORM Humanity, and the Entire World, along with it. Modern Day Technology has never made such an Idea more Plausible & Practical. We have already, more or less, because of how technology brings us together, entered into the First Phase of Humanities Global Society, the Foundation of its New Global Age. What more proof do we need than the Medium that we are currently using in order to communicate.People from the Four Corners of Earth can INSTANTLY Connect over this Discussion Forum, and the Many Thousands like it, through the Medium of the World Wide Web. Mind Boggling that this has accrued in just 20 Short Years. Do you see what I mean by Humanities Potential? NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY {{NOTHING}} is beyond our ability, when we put our COLLECTIVE MINDS {{TOGETHER}} for, High & Noble Causes, and to UNITE the Peoples of Planet Earth. Once Humanity is {{PROPERLY}} & {{FULLY}} UNITED, and have put Self Centerdness & Personal Greed (the instigator of destruction & division) BEHIND Us, we are then Fully Able to create Heaven on Earth basically, to Reclaim Eden (should such a place have existed), and make of this Planet something unlike ANYTHING Humanity has ever witnessed before.Please keep in mind, we use ONLY, 2 Messily % of, the Brains FULL Potential. Only 2%! And look at what Humanity has achieved on that much Brain Power. And try to convince me again that we are not distend to be Veritable Gods, in our own right. Like God, we Create. Like God, we can achieve UNSPEAKABLE, and UNBELIEVABLE, Wonders. Like God, we can Manipulate, and Transform. If, the powers that be have GIVEN US the INNATE {{ABILITY}} to do so, this strongly indicates that we are MEANT TO, do so. What is it about Some of Humanity that views ALL Advancement as Evil?!The Atomic Bomb was created, and now Humanity perpetually stands the chance of ANNIHILATING Every living thing on this Planet, turning earth into another Mars. Has I understand it, Modern Day Nuclear Bombs have many Hundreds of Times the Destructive Ability of those dropped on Nagasaki & Hiroshima. If used, they WILL destroy all life on Earth. Ironically, it is that very same destructive power that could very well send humanity to the farthest reaches of Space. Making Space Travel, easily achievable. So, we do not have to LIMIT or SUPPRESS Technology but rather, the {{LOWER}}, {{PRIMITIVE}}, {{ANAMALISTIC}}, {{DESTRUCTIVE}} Forces that lye within us all. Those Evil Forces that continue to HOLD US BACK & DRAG US DOWN. Through our CONSCIOUS {{WILL}} we {{CAN}} Very Much Suppress, and even ELIMINATE those those Lower, Destructive, if you will Evil, Forces.We are the MASTERS of our own fate. The CHARTERS of our own Collective Destiny. The VISIONARY Potential, lies dormant, within us all. All we need to do is to TUNE {{INTO}} Our {{Higher, Inner, Selves}}; Cosmic Consciousness, Super Consciousness, even the Mind of God, should one be so inclined to think in that direction; and {{IT}}. And out of that Vast Reservoir of Super Charged, Higher Awareness, the Visionary Concepts of the Future Destiny of Human Kind, flow. Worlds within worlds of, the most breath taking grandeur, and awe inspiring human potential. What it is believed by some that we are able to do with our Minds, and indeed, what some have demonstrated, completely defies all conventional describing, or reasoning. So, in closing, and in all that I've shared with you here, Human Cloning is only the Beginning, and Developed PROPERLY, HUMANELY, and for High & Noble Reasons, this and many others forms of Technology become, most Beautiful, and Inspiring, indeed. Can Very Much Better & Unite Humanity, and need not be feared.As I was distracted a few times, I was not able to get into this the way I would have liked. So, please allow me to continue this at a later date. Thank You So Much, Much Love & Peace, John.

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