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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: AI need my dad back...anyone?

ill-c-u-inanotherlifewhenwearebothcats ( 04/27/2005, 20:04:39 )

Hmm the question is in the time span in which you father has been gone...where is he? and if he is brought back would have any recalection of being away (that is to say if he is criogenicaly frozen) Does the brain stay in some coherant state in which we are in a constant dream or do our souls play a part and go to wherever it is we go...Im not to sure on my belifes on God at this point "im young but ive been reading a lot of books" -Conor Oberst- As for cloning your father i think it would be kind of wierd becuase like you said the memories wouldnt be there and if there is a heaven what would your father think and remember when your father is cloned he doesnt come out at the age of 45 but as a new born child....would you raise him? there are to many wuestion involving cloning the dead and to many questions involving crigenics....i dont know what to tell you thoug? any one else agree with anything im trying to say?

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