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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: What About the Pope?

JJ. OConroy ( 04/26/2005, 13:06:43 )

Dear Moderator, and members of this Board: I am very new to this whole topic, and there is much that I need to learn, and actually, have only posted primarily for help concerning my own personal predicament, and I would venture to guess, many millions of Gay and Bi-sexual Men in a similar position. We are a group, to which Reproductive Cloning would be most beneficial to. Even more so when, it reaches the point that is becomes more cost efficient. It's truly a sad commentary on our times when, a person cannot have a child, simply because they cannot afford one. And these are one of the danger areas of Human Cloning, turning the whole Cloning Experience into a COMMODITY, the same as, buying a house, a car, or what have you, it most certainly is not. As I understand it so far, there is two types of cloning research being don, one for Medical Purposes, the other for Reproductive Purposes, right now, I'm mostly interested in the later. In this sense, Reproductive Cloning, should be viewed no different than Reproducing in the Conventional Way, or cloned copy should be viewed as your CHILD, and nothing less. You should bring that child up the same as if you had conceived that child the conventional way. Should this be made known to the general public, I feel that that alone would dispel a great many fears. Now, in regards to you statement concerning the Pope, I don't mean to be rude or condescending but, I think you full well know that, you are Light Years away from getting the Catholic Church to come even remotely close to seeing ANY Benefits to Human Cloning. I would venture to guess that their overall understanding of it is, probably back in the stone age, nor would they have any intentions of acquiring an understanding of it. So, this suggestion of yous is, to say the least, somewhat laughable. Not because there is anything innately wrong with it but, because of the Mindless, Backward, Dogmatic, Institution, we are talking about. Only a few short centuries ago, they where burning people alive, torturing them in the most savage, sadistic, ways imaginable, solely on the insane superstition that they where witches, devils, and what have you. Most it was because some brave souls DARED to question. Do you honestly think they've changed THAT much. Despite their modern, new, sophisticated, look. They remain one of the MOST dogmatic, and conservative branches of the Christian Faith, and seem to be showing every intention of carrying that well into the foreseeable future. Maybe in another century or two, you idea might wash, not now. Thank You.

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