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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Those RELIGION vs EVOLUTION comments... Really...

JJ. OConroy ( 05/02/2005, 13:52:26 )

And Mosal;It's attitudes like yours that continue to hold humanity hack. Why is that people who CLAIN to be Christian, almost ALWAYS react with INDIGNATION instead of {{LOVE}} to anything that does not sit well with them?If you believe in God (I do too) then, show the SPIRIT of God. If you are a Follower of Christ (which I can no longer claim to be, not in the strictest sense) then, follow Christ's example and not show Anger or Indignation to, qenuion inquiroies of Honest, Searching, people.This is directed to ALL the Religionist who post over this board.I have grown so tired of this. I have seen it all my life, and it seems to be a Universal Resonse from "so called" Christian People.What is SOOO Unbeieveably Dificult for people like you to belive that MAYBE, JUST {{MAYBE}} Evolion was the METHIOD {{USED}} by God to bring all things. at least on Earth, into being.Seeing as, from a Solid Historical Point of view, so much of Biblical Teaching today is in doubt, and even the very origin of the book itself, is in boubt (after all, as a unified book, it is no more than 1500 years old, much was included that possibly should not have been, much was left out that should have been included). This book is very much the work of MAN not GOD. And all that taken into consideration, this throws the doors wide open to any number of possibilities to the Origin of Man, and all life in general.Study the HISTORY of all this BEFORE you start to shuve it down other peoples throats. Why can't people like you understand that it only works AGAINST the Christian cause to continually perpetuate LIES & FALSEHOODS, and continues to make the Christian Religion the MOST Hipocritical out of all of them. And the Dogmatic, Mindless, Fundamentalist that PROPAGATE this Backward, Harmful Dogma.PLEASE!! Preach Spiritual, Christlike/Godlike, what have you, LOVE, and nothing it. If that is impossible for you to do the, please, be quiet. Better yet My Dear, as Christ himself wanted from his FOLLOWERS, {{LIVE IT!!}} OK? Thank You, John. P.S. I can only hope to God that the Moral Majority (which have NOTHING to do with Christ Message) in the U.S. are, set in your place, and VERY Soon. You can't even see how FAISEST you are all becoming.It all totally amazes me. And you are doing so much Damage, it is YOU People the Almighty should strike down, not those honestly searching for truth.Please, you don't know the HEARTS of these people so, why do't you just give up, and go and pray as how you can be a more LOVEING Understanding Individual, and the same goes for all the rest of you.LONG LIVE THE QUEST FOR {{TRUTH & ENLIGHTENMENT}} And may the Powers that be, Continue to BLESS a Honest Searchers Efforts. Out.

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