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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Those RELIGION vs EVOLUTION comments... Really...

Zach ( 03/20/2005, 22:25:23 )

I didn't read your entire post, because most of it is garbage, but of course I did read enough. I wanted to share my thoughts on evolution.Have you ever heard of viruses/bacteria that have become immune to medications? They are out there. Has a science educator (teacher) ever told you "Don't use anti bacterial soap all the time. If you do, the bacteria may become more susceptable to it"? Mine has. How would you explain the obvious differences amoung us humans? Why are white people on average taller than asians, and blacks taller than whites? Evolution, no?Our actions determine how we evolve. Of course not all of us put in the same time in all the same actions, so of course we are all so different. I am a Christian believer. I actually think that many people take the bible too literal, or don't think about the possibility that the translation was not as specific as some would desire. I have heard that Hebrew very different than English, and that the translations are extremely hard. I can't deny the proven science, but I can look around translation decoding.

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