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Re: Those RELIGION vs EVOLUTION comments... Really...

JJ. OConroy ( 05/09/2005, 18:45:43 )

Please excuse my spelling errors. ---------------------------------Adam, how old are you?Secondly, I don't know why this post was allowed, anyway.Nine Chances out of ten, you know next to NOTHING about Canada, but yet, like far too many arrogent, backward thinking Americans (and that is not to say ALL Americans are like this), you feel the DISPERATE {{NEED}} to shoot down our Great Nation. Why is that Adam? What is it about SOME of you that MOTIVATES you to carry on this way? And yet, you continue to wonder why some of us have difficulty getting along with CERTAIN Americans.Adam, your government SUCKS, alright, and SOME of the U.S. Mentality SUCKS, such as what yours exemplify, now. Why take that personally?Why is it that whenever ANYBODY critizes certain U.S. Government Agendias, people like you have to Freak Out, as if you take it has a personal slap in the face?Anyway, the Only responce I need to make to this is just this; {{CANADA is {NOT} the Nation HATED the World Over because of BAD, CORRUPT, Government Ploices, is it!?}} I think I can rest my case on that alone.Also, seeing has I have posted a number of things over this board so far, before you respond to only ONE, more Superficial Point, you would do yourself some credit, and check out some of the more deeper stuff. Thank You.Or, is your only reason for posting, just to be controntational?! And THAT, is supossed to impress me.I won't even bother with to the other Garbage Adam. Why waste my breath?And for your arragent, enlightenment; many of us in Canada want to GET RID of the British Crown. I assure you, we are fully aware of how this is Holding Canada Back.I don't take issue with the Average American, by an large, Adam, just the MINORITY of Bad Apples, such as yourself.Please mature, and learn that there is a HUGE, DIVERSE, WORLD, out there, OK? And, most of it, just as Right, Proper, and Democratic than the U.S.. That's a FACT Adam. Once you travel a little, you'll find that out. All My Best Everyone, Johnnie Out.Will post something new, soon.Thank You. And PLEASE, let's start to RESPECT, EACH OTHER and start working TOGETHER, Canadian & American, Individual, Distinct but, ONE.It will never happen if remarks like Adam's, keep permiateing through the U.S.Love, John.

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