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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: The Soul

last krinkled paper ( 09/03/2005, 14:53:06 )

damn that makes sense, it's no secret that we have been lied to often about what our history really is, it's hard to believe any one thing anymore, and the other reality, 98% of it is still theory, nothing more!! think about it! all this controversy on the theories of evolution and creation, and this, "intelligent design" crap, all we know for sure is what we can taste, touch, see and feel and even that can be recreated in a lab or by illusion and deceit. i don't deny some of the stories within the holy bible the possibility of the christ child, but to believe in creation or evolution in their current context leaves so much dead space and other issues that don't make sense. we need to make total peace in the world, point all of our, "human intelligence" (that many bragg to having), at ending wars, weapons of mass destruction, pollution, cancer and a host of other bad things. we need to find other planets for colonization, after we conquer space travel first, to reduce population, peace just sounds so much more intelligent and a better choice, like we are supposed to be. thanx for you\r time for ready this plea.

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