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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Hello. My thoughts, and why I believe in no god, and no souls.

1000yrsfromnow ( 05/04/2005, 20:40:48 )

and see, that's the beauti of it, i believe in the possibility of the supreme being, in the living sense, not a spiritual entity, and if indeed that is the case then yes this entity is coming back to check on it's experiment in trying to change the natural course of a very ignorant self destructive species of being, called, "Human", how we came to be, whether a scientific experiment gone wacko, a actual creation of a highly intelligent supreme being, way beyond our comprehension, or we are just an evolving beast on it's way out by self destruction, or some intergalactic alien is going to use us for a food source the way i see it anything is possible. peace to ya erin, you're a good people, glad to know you. j.c.

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