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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Hello. My thoughts, and why I believe in no god, and no souls.

boethius ( 04/30/2005, 22:15:19 )

Concerning your post on "No God and No souls" You made reference to "strategically placed atoms" when attempting to explain what man is made of. If these atoms are strategically placed then according to your own words there must have been a strategist who placed these atoms strategically. If there is order then there must be an Orderer! Do you really believe that the entire material realm is a result of chance? That atoms colliding just happened to result in the "creation" of man, with his powers of reason? If you do you are not being very analitical. To believe that order came from chaos is illogical. How can something so delicate and intricate as the human retina have come from chance collisions of atoms and electricity. Of course you must have already answered this question anyone of average intelligence would have, but where did these atoms originate? This electricity you mention came from where? Do you seriously figure that we are made up of electricity? Was this something you made up? Or did you glean it from some bad copy of a Frankenstine movie? If you really are fifteen-it sounds like you're younger then that, then you certainly are capable of reasoning this out logically. If you were Catholic try to understand your faith and not just make unfounded assumptions about the universe and the created realm! Your rantings on infinite universes are equally illogical because you are merely assuming that anything we cannot see the end of is infinite. What you have told the world by this post is that you have left your previous faith for illogical assumptions and it is upon these assumptions that you have based your future life.

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