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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Hello. My thoughts, and why I believe in no god, and no souls.

hypno insomniac ( 04/22/2005, 08:47:00 )

I'm not saying we're not made of atomic particles: we are. Another point would be, how are we re-animated while we're born from a human mother every-time? If your theory is true, some humans would be born by just rising up out of the dirt. If we're machines, why weren't we made to be perfect, or function more properly? We've already made machines that are smarter than we are- how is that possible for a machine to create something more intelligent than itself? A machine is limited to what it's programmed to know- it can't learn. Insubordination in a machine is impossible. (alota flaws in my first "counter-theory" concerning the atomic particles-- I'm a beginner on that stuff so I'll just stay out of it.)I'm prayin' for ya.many peaces and outs.

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