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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Hello. My thoughts, and why I believe in no god, and no souls.

hypno insomniac ( 04/19/2005, 19:08:31 )

I think I've caught another flaw: the universe is NOT infinate. Because the universe is matter and is still, as we are, trapped in time and space, it is still GROWING. Using the law of inertia, matter is constantly moving throughout the universe. Everything (in regards to time and space) has an end. (As far as we know, which is a more logical assumption than a theory: it's based on known evidence.) Plus, we're not made up of all electrons. There are also protons, which don't move at all, but, because they balance out the charge in an atomic particle, they make up half of our body mass. If those electrons were to discharge, there would be a small reading on a (I dunno what it's called... but I know it's similar) voltometer(??? anyone know what it's really called?) while a body is decaying (Which there isnt.) And because there are many free protons in the ground, and opposite charges attract, a negatively charged electron bunch would all discharge at the SAME TIME. Similar to a lightning bolt (but MUCH weaker, don't get me wrong). So that means that if our electrons flow into the earth, they would have to do it in an instant, given they somehow know when the body is dead or not in use anymore, or we would discharge into the ground while alive.

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