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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

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eternalwater7k ( 04/20/2005, 10:41:29 )

Embraced by evil In this world of hate Searching for love That was not thereNobody gave me What I was looking forThe shadows fell before my eyes And all of a sudden I could only see blackHate became real Partaking in evil ceremonies Worshipping the beast Mocking God and His servantsDepression weighs upon me With its strangling hands I'm looking for a way out As suicidal thoughts enter my mindSurviving in a mysterious way With demons haunting me Every time I close my eyesEmbraced by the spirit of life Accepting the sacrifice That fills my heart with true love The only way to be wholeA fusion is conceived Through a synchronizing Faith Exposing forces unseen This is the embodiment of LoveGrowing, the image of a man appears His limbs are injected with power The heart of his mission is peace And deliveranceStronger, his body increases with strength Absorbing a Godly nourishment The members work in one accord Reaching the fullness of manA Structure of Souls Bounded by one Spirit A union of hearts Saved by the same SpiritWe are the members of The body of the Son We are the Church of ChristFreedom is to be our destiny Due to the eternal grace That comes from the Author of Life The one and only God

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