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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: ....

eternalwater7k ( 04/20/2005, 10:40:08 )

And the future's robbing my soul I'm face to face with my futility And my life is slipping away Inhaling my mortalityCHORUS: I'm a beep, I'm a vapor I'm just a blinking light I'm a beep, I'm a vapor And I'm about to evaporate I'm a beep, I'm a vapor I'm just a blinking light I'm a beep, I'm a vapor I'm a vaporAnd I feel my skin's just a shell Underneath is my reality I breathe dimensions unknown It conquers my mortalityCHORUSIt's a mad mad world will it ever stop? Will the madness end? While my body decays my soul does not Death is just the beginningAnd the future's robbing my soul Inhaling my mortalityCHORUS

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