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eternalwater7k ( 04/20/2005, 10:38:49 )

so much stress keeps running through my mind now I fell into a mess that I wish that I could climb out I guess I'll hide it so nobody will find out that way everyone thinks that everything is fine now at home things are messed up with mom and dad and at school all my friends stab me in the back no one is real anymore I hate the way they act there is so many things that I wish I had so God if you're there do you understand? don't you care about anything that's happening? it's not fair to put me through all this junk again you see that I'm scared so help me if you can so please speak loud and clear cuz I'm listening I need to know that you're real cuz I'm struggling you need to show that you're here cuz I'm stumbling show me that you care and this is why I'm saying thisare you real I want to know are you real then let it go are you real I want to know are you real then let it showit was right then when everything it began to change I started looking at these things in a different way I saw life through God's eyes and it wasn't the same that was right at the time I called on your name and then I saw all the lies that was thrown my way I recognized that I need you and on that day I cried out and seeked you that was when you came now that I see you I've been through a major change and I believe you are real cuz it's so plain I finally I feel that I can make it through anything it don't matter what they speak or if they hate they can't keep me down no more cuz I've seen your face and from now never will I be ashamed cuz ima stand strong I won't bend or sway now that I know that you're real it's gonna be ok I hear you speaking in my ear and this is what you saychorussee there is a war that's going on outside you can try and ignore it and just run and hide but everyday more and more people die see the battle is for souls and we are on the front lines so many soldiers are too scared to fight they're too worried about what people thinking of they life how can you fight if you won't lay down your pride and how will anyone see if you won't shine your light so many of your friends is walking around blind and you've got the source that can open up they eyes it's yalls choice what you'll do with your lives but I'm gonna go to war cuz I've made up my mind Jesus gave his life when he went and died so the least that I could do is just give him all of mine so how many of yall are ready to fight by my side cuz this is what he's saying right now here tonightchorus

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