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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


SC ( 03/17/2005, 19:40:14 )

Have you ever heard of the term "doublethink?" It's the term George Orwell uses to describe the technique of lying to yourself by believing two contradictory things at the same time. However, you make even this term seem inadequate. I've had trouble believing that you're here for any other purpose than to flood this board with drivel, because you continually contradict not only other people who are making decent attempts at rational discourse, but yourself as well. In other words, you seem to be attempting to believe not just two or more contradictory things at the same time, but two or more contradictory and wrong things at the same time.It seems to me that if you want to prove the existence of God, you should define God first. However, since God is too vast for us to understand, let alone define, even deciding where to start in proving God's existence seems problematic to me.However, you imply that you've found a solution: God's existence can be proven by proving that cloning is wrong. I believe that God's existence can be believed in or taken as a matter of faith, but not proven, and that cloning is not wrong, but putting those things aside for the moment, what happens if we try to assume that you're right on both counts? Every organism depends on cloning for its existence. Growth, reproduction (of many species, including the simplest and oldest ones), and healing depend on it. Without cloning, you wouldn't live longer than the lifespan of an individual cell; in fact, you could never have grown larger than an egg. It's only because your body clones itself on a continual basis that you're capable of complaining about how cloning is wrong. But as long as you're complaining, why not complain that it's wrong to eat, or breathe, or live, for that matter? Why not just say that God was wrong to create life? If everything was created by God, then God created cloning. But then, if God is never wrong, and we try to follow your premises to their logical conclusion, either cloning doesn't exist, or if cloning does exist, then God doesn't. And you have assumed that cloning does exist, because you couldn't call it wrong if it didn't.Why don't you try believing that cloning is part of God's plan? Wouldn't it be a whole lot simpler?

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