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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: questions about cloning - same sex reproduction in mice accomplished already

hurrayforscience ( 05/10/2005, 23:11:40 )

It's relatively easy (not *easy* just *relatively* easy) to produce children by two male or two female non-mammals. You basically just do nuclear transfer on two germ cells (two sperm or two eggs) into an egg instead of putting a somatic cell nucleus there.Mammals are trickier because our germ cells have specializations (DNA imprinting, or epigenetics, or methlyation are keywords to look up) that "mark up" our germ cell nuclear DNA. Usually you need one egg and one sperm, unless you know how the imprinting process works and can redo things before popping them into the egg.This hasn't been done yet in any male mammal that I know of, but it's been done by scientists in Japan for two female mice.Check it out:

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