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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: if god takes lifes hes an indian giver (there's more)

1000yrsfromnow ( 05/10/2005, 15:47:00 )

sure, the idea and explainations of creationism from the religious cults and beliefs is as believeable as any other theory regarding the origins of the human species and the scientific community evolutionists claim we evolved from a sub order primate holds as much possibility or a little less depend on the individual choice to believe. we should also explore more the other possibilities of our origins: there are many reports on abductions of humans by alien beings, it's probable that we were transplanted here by superior lifeforms, or highly advanced human more evolved than we are here. in another context think of the bible and the idea of religion/creation/ as a way to prevent us from making the mistakes we are making again on this planet, or genetic intellect is coming full circle, will we be saved again?? the possibilities are some many, the possibility that we have been to this point of technology once before scream out as reality so logical. i too was once enthralled by the idea of creationism and evolution, but i have deprogrammed and deleved into other theories beside those two. enough for now, hope i didn't get too deep for you, peace j.c.

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