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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: if god takes lifes hes an indian giver

david ( 05/10/2005, 05:28:35 )

The thought that everything has to have a beginning is a logical thought.But I don't think we can explain the existence of God in logical terms.It's like the concept of "beginning" itself. The phrase "in the beginning" refers to the very beginning of time itself. But when did "the beginning" begin? When did time or existence actually start? And what was there before that?But let's follow your train of thought. Let's say that in the beginning, the earth was all just water and a few lumps of land and the universe was just big clumps of giant rocks (later called planets) floating in space. Following your argument, something should have "formed" those big clumps of rock and the water and land, as you say. What else could that have been, if not God Himself. The Bible calls it "Creation," I believe.

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