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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: can u say that..!!!??

JJ. OConroy ( 05/02/2005, 17:07:50 )

Oh you hypocrite, extraordinar! What WONDERFUL {{CHRISTIAN}} attitude you're exemplifying, much like MOST "so called" Christians, thank you, this more than proves my point! Do you honestly think that Christ himself would be reacting to J.C. this way, or anyone like him?! No, you clearly are not Christ but, you claim to be trying to LIVE LIKE HIM, don't you?! You get, Indigent, Frustrated, become Condescending, resort to Name Calling, then have the INFURIATING Nerve to say you are praying for HIM! For heaven's sakes, pray for yourself, instead. And, lay off. If I've come to understand J.C.'s perspective at all, he is just not closing any doors to any possibilities, that all. He's trying not to be TOO Dogmatic. I don't see any REAL Contradiction here, at all. Unlike yourself, and those who think and behave like you. Again, this is a Cloning, discussion forum. A Scientific Discussion Forum, don't be so IN YOUR FACE with your Dogmatic point of view, not here. Save it for the Religious Groups. There are those here, who have no business coming to this Discussion Forum at all because, clearly, you have no interest under the sun to learn ANYTHING about cloning, period. Again, if all you want to do is PREACH, please, please, go some place else. As far as I'm concerned, 95% of the "so called" Christians in the World today are, Utterly & Completely USELESS Representatives of Jesus. You really are. And yet, you still wonder why people are not flocking in droves to the Christian Ranks?! I don't know, you people baffle me, always have. And why, I no longer want any part of it. I'm certainly no worse for braking away. At least I can THINK now, and for the most part, in peace.Respectfully, John.

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