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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: if god takes lifes hes an indian giver

JJ. OConroy ( 05/02/2005, 16:35:56 )

You know; I'm coming the point that when I hear someone say that "I'm PRAYING for you" it sounds so darn condescending. Don't pray for the man, CONNECT with him. Be FRIENDS with him, and so on. Now I'm talking generalities here, the two of you may be on opposite side of the nation, I don't know but, my point is that you should CEASE having this DETACHED "Praying for you" Mentality. How many Non Christians are around you that you NEVER go and see? You NEVER {{CONNECT}} with, on the Brotherhood/Friendship Level? How many Non Christians are around you who are HURTING Badly, who's NEEDS you NEVER meet? And so on, and so forth. I've seen it all, heard it all, and it's all so damn Laughable, and Disgustingly, Hypocritical. Christ got OUT THERE, he MIXED & MINGLED, {{GAVE}} OF HIMSELF, and MET {{NEEDS}} on a {{PRACTICAL}} LEVEL. Anyone who CLAIMS to be a Follower of Christ, a Christian, and does NOT do that, is NO DARN CHRISTIAN, AT ALL!! OK? Do you get it? It's not my mear attitude, it's in the Bible, as plain as day. So please, quite the Hypocritical Preaching, and Condescending Attitude. All of you. Thanks, John.

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