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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Disperately Need Help. WANT CHILD.

boethius ( 04/30/2005, 17:59:11 )

Dear "Sir" As I read your post I became increasingly more aware of your true situation. It is not that you need help it is that you refuse the natural means of propagation, and thereby put yourself outside the realm of reality. As a man who is well aware of the created order that exists in humanity-the order that truly exists between men and women in soceity, I must say that the solution to your problem does not exist because in reality your problem does not exist. No man is truly homosexual. You have, by placing yourself outside of the created reality that exists, placed yourself outside the realm of possible assitance. Do you really think that a child is something that you should be allowed to have? It is most humorous to see that those who place themselves outside the natural realm of reproduction still want to reproduce, thus proving that they are still at lest human and still belong within the created order. But to then deny that created order exists and then to demand that this denied created order (producing children) is rightfully yours is obsured! Wake up and realize that there is order that exists in the world and in society. If you were truly manly or masculine possesing as you should the masculine virtues you would have had the grace of a wonderful family which would be capable of having and raising children...

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