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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Disperately Need Help. WANT CHILD.

JJ. OConroy ( 04/26/2005, 15:44:37 )

Listen Sweetheart: Thank you so very much, you've caught me off guard right now, I need a bet of time to think. My personal e-mail should be available to you, please e-mail me as this is highly personal. Maybe I should explain something about myself. I classify myself as being Bi-sexual because, the female body, and being intimate with it, does not disgust me, the way ''SUPPOSEDLY" it does a lot of completely gay men. The opportunities to be intimate with a woman have not presented themselves yet as, I'm somewhat of a shy person, and I assume, turn most women off, even though, I certainly don't do it on purpose. That being said, I tend to naturally have a stronger preference for men, I believe I have most of my life, and I don't see that changing, anytime, soon. Now, given the fact that I'm not overly wrapped up in Women Sexually, enables me to value them on a whole different level. I'm a strong feminist, and feel that todays women have betrayed much of what the Pioneers of the Women's Lib Movement tried to work toward, throughout the 60s & 70s. I'm old enough to remember some of it. Sadly, it seems the Women of North America have REGRESSED rather than PROGRESSED. All in the name of having a man in their lives. I share all that, so you will know that, I am in no way shape or form, trying to devalue a woman, simply by asking that one carry a child for me. I assure you if, I as a guy where designed to carry a child myself, I'd gladdy do it, and not bother anyone with it. Outside of conceiving a child WITH me, I cannot think of a much more precious gift a lady can offer a guy, other than offering her body as, a Vehicle, in order for the man to have his own child. I'm very touched, and honored, that you would so willingly make such an offer. Now, having said that, again, I'm sure you realize there is much more to all of this than me offering some genetic material, and you carrying it full term for me. You MUST e-mail me so, we can discuss this further. Now, you've made the assumption that I live in the U.S., maybe I don't. And this will pose problems right at the start though, not insurmountable ones. Also, you need to know that {{I}} want to raise this child. And another concern I have is that the lady carrying the child for me, will become strongly attached to it, and not want to give it up when it is conceived. Having something growing inside of you, has to be a powerful bonding experience. I'm not blind to that. If she so wished, the lady carrying the child for me, would always have access to it, should she wish to remain apart of the child's life after he is born. I'm not expecting some mindless incubator, or something here. You will, nine chances out of ten, become attached to this child. Indeed, for the health and wellbeing of the child, I would want that. Should we prove compatible to each other, for this purpose, I might want you to stay with me for the duration of the pregnancy, or I could possibly be willing to come to where you are. Whatever works best. Also, money is a huge factor, I don't have much of it. Phrase one, might prove to be the most difficult. Paying to have the genetic material developed to the point that it becomes an embryo, ready for insemination. I need to do much more research on this before I'm ready to proceed. Of course, if all else fails, and we prove to be Highly Compatible, we can just go about it the Old Fashioned way, and iron out all the rest later. Please e-mail me, we have a great deal to discuss. And don't let all my babbling deter you, that's just me. Thank you so much darling, and please, take care of yourself. I'll answer many more of your questions in a private, e-mail. Much Love, XO Johnnie.

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