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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Whole Body Transplant

elwalvador ( 04/23/2005, 18:30:37 )

Whole Body Transplant, the closet thing to real immortality we will ever have. Imagine this, if right now you're 47yrs old, and right now we cloned you in 18 years you will be 65 yrs & your clone will be 18 yrs old. Now since we are our brain, all our memories, our personality, our intelligence, our conciusness, we are our brain, so if a surgeon were to transplant you (65 yr old brain) into your 18 yr old body clone (identical twin) you would be in an 18 yr old body and possibly live another 47 yrs untill you had another WBT. Given that we find a cure for paralysis.also life, or our conciousness does not start at conception, and an embryo is certainly not alive, neither is a human baby untill it learns to remember. Think back to when you were a baby, or look at some child hood pictures of when you were a new born or 8 months old. The pictures clearly show that your body was there, but you the person, you the mind, weren't there, you had not arrived yet. We become concious by learning, learn a language, learn to use our tungs to make sounds, facials expressions, body language, learn to walk, what a laugh is, how to tell people what we want ext. Like me for example my earliest memory is from when I was about 2 1/2 years old so before that point I was not alive. So since we have clear and obvious evidence that we have to expirience and learn to become alive, it can easily be stated that if we raised a clone from birth in total sensory depravation & no human contact that this clone would never develope a conciusness. Think about it if you were raised in sensory depravation and no human contact, you wouldn't know how to speak english or communicate what you wanted, or how to walk. And it is impossible for a human to think if it does not know a language, or if it has never seen ANYTHING.And let me just state this for the record, I am not in favor of the death penelty, and I am against any type of murder but since a SDC (sensory deprevied clone) is not alive, intelligent, or concious I do not consider it 'murder' to use it for a Whole Body Transplant.Now I know people are going to have their opinions on this, and I want to read them so if you want to type something back please do. I will check this post regularly and respond quickly.

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