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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: cloning is NOT wrong :-)

hurrayforscience ( 05/11/2005, 23:15:32 )

abby says wrote: do you think clonin is ok if your cloning an extinct animalthe polpol79 wrote: I Always think cloning is good me and my friend already have a lab and have started cloning human being's and my friend keeps wanting me to start cloning extinct animals.nocloning45 if u clone urself u wont be able to control that person so y do it LOL... maybe because you aren't a mad scientist bent on world domination or recreating dinosaurs... but just a person who wants kids?But now that the issue in in front of me, I'd say that cloning humans would be *more* ethically justifiable than recreating extinct species and releasing them into the wild. Ecologies find balances and messing with them is a black art that can hurt lots of people.Making people with biotech isn't that big a deal. It doesn't hurt anyone except maybe the baby (if there's side effects, for example), and that just argues for making the process effective and safe, not banning it.-ZPS Anyone who is interested in a mailing list organized to lobby the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine on behalf of procreative liberty, should click on "mail author" over to the left and ask me about it.

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