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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Yes, he should have

david ( 05/09/2005, 03:51:39 )

I believe the Pope should have considered human cloning.As a leading light of Christianity, he should have explored all available options in order to ensure his continued stewardship of the Church. As it turned out, we have been deprived of a much-loved and admired human being.Some may say that this stand runs contrary to what God had intended.As a devout Christian myself, I will have to disagree. The fact that man tries to preserve his existence does not run contrary to what God intended. There is no harm in trying. After all, it was God himself who have us free will.Anyone with true faith will tell you that nothing happens without God's will. Even the most heinous of events happen for a reason, much of the time known only to God himself. For all we know, God himself has a reason for letting man learn about human cloning. Who can really say for sure except Him?Anyway, if the Pope explored human cloning and died anyway, then we know it was truly God's will. But if he survived, well, that would be God's will, too. Don't you think?

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