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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Should the Pope Have Considered Human Cloning To Save His Life?

hurrayforscience ( 05/12/2005, 18:54:29 )

livelaughlove wrote: No, the Pope should not have considered human cloning to save his life. He has made it very clear that taking stem cells from a cloned embryo is muder. He would rather suffer, like Christ did, as an example to the world that we should protect the sanctity of all human life, from conception until natural death. "Dare we try to enter the Kingdom of Heaven with such ease when our Lord entered in such pain." So long as you mean "sanctity of human life" semi-ironically, I couldn't have put it better myself.I find it amusing that the Pope tried to call his political position against medical advances and family planning part of a "culture of life" as though people who oppose his philosophy are part of a "culture of death". Which seems more in keeping with life? Breeding without thought or enjoying sex while having an ecology-preserving number of children? Wallowing in avoidable suffering and infirmity or seeking to extend one's healthy years? It reminds me of that Upright Citizens Brigade sketch: "Raymond, go get some bottles and break them on the ground in my path. I will run on them as Jesus would have! I must do this so that someone will confess to having drank the bug juice. Jesus would have done this." "No he wouldn't have!" "Yes he would have." p abThat's probably the most ridiculous part of all this: there isn't even much biblical support for the anti-biotech stance. One could reasonably argue that the bible *supports* reproductive intervention.Consider Brian Elroy McKinley's essay: then check out James Patrick Holding's response: they don't even mention the forced abortion ceremony in Numbers 5:11-31 (Read it at ... it starts about a third of the way down the page.)I guess in the end the books don't matter and it's all about what a person *wants* to believe and the values that they commit themselves to. Personally, I think that Pope John Paul was a misery praising poet and death worshipping propagandist. But at least he wasn't a hypocrite. When choosing between convoluted principles and life, he chose principles. And I can respect what he did even while believing that the choice he faced was self imposed and stupid. That's what tolerance is all about.-Z---------------- Anyone who is interested in a mailing list organized to lobby the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine on behalf of procreative liberty, should click on "mail author" over to the left and ask me about it.

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