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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

eternalwater7k ( 05/12/2005, 17:06:01 )

not to argue, but just to let you know this simple opinion.. What would happen if Christians were ignoredb y governent? God after did say for us to obey our governent as well as be an influence to it. As Americans and Christians we have the right to form our government in a Christian example. Now I understand the Islams have their right to do this as well, but without the 'morals' just look at it. I don't mean to be stereotype but many of those that have no religious foundation think that gayness is normal.. that abortion is ok, and many other things that OBVIOUSLY is not right. I do not say that religious law is right, but God says that these things are wrong. Not by the law of tyranny but the law of righteousness. Without Christian influences or others, what do you think would happen? Atheists all around would place textbooks in schools that totally ignore God which already they do. They would have stupid arguments about morality. No one would know what is right and wrong because one person will say killing is a sin, while the murderer will say it is good to kill anyone for the heck of it. But with Christian influences, and many other religions that have good moral but do not know the right God.. shape the laws of America.. well you see my point anyways that is why I think there should be no seperation from church or state. And as many people claim it is not written in the declaration of Independence or the contstitution. It was a letter from Thomas Jefferson to one of his friends saying that he could openly practice his religion with no problem at all.. seperation of church and state. It was a ltter saying that in America the government would have not fight him because of his religion. lol and many atheists use this saying that Christians are taking over the government and things, and taking advantage of the Constitution and the bill of rights.. lol

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