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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

eternalwater7k ( 05/12/2005, 03:44:41 )

true! Though I would rather be a Republican than a Democrat simply because of Moral issues and I realize that money plays a big part in this world-- whether I go into poverty is in God's hands so long as I give my work and effort and trust in Him I believe 100% I am A-O.K. that is my opinion. But that is part of being an American-- decide your beliefs. In that case it may as well be wrong to be Catholic or Orthodox or Baptist or anything to be Christian, eh? The Baptist don't believe in tongues, the Catholics are more religious than Protestant and Orthodox I have no idea-- but they have different views of the same God, so what does it matter if you are Repub or Demo but a Xian right? lol. My dad for instance, he voted for Bush because he is a more moral guy, but he doesn't like the hwole republican thing cuz they are for the rich than the poor for the most part. But then he dislikes democratic beliefs somewhat cuz they support things that are wrong in the Christian faith. So he is kinda half-half. Anything wrong with that? No.. lol :-)

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