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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: why thereputic cloning and endangered animal clong should be allowed and why human cloning should be banned

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 02:25:11 )

Hi There:I sincerely wanted to compliment you on this post. You have don a well researched report, and you have some well thoughtout and very logical answers.It is nice to see that some, try to use this board for what I BELIEVE it was intended for.It is a bet embarassing to have to keep saying this but, before I continue, I have to ask that you excuse my poor spelling. I seem to have a learning disability is this area, or something. I Just cannot remember how to spell certain words properly.I'm not sure of your age, and I guess for the most part that is irrilivent.First of all, in responce to some of your conclusions (and keep in mind now, I have acknowledged that you are accurate in pretty well all you have stated, seeing as I have not researched much of this myself, I have to take your word on it) I don't think anyone is advocateing that we be Irresponcible in our cloning efforts. Should an individual or couple succeed in haveing even ONE Cloned Child, they should be happy with that. They can always adopt in order to provide a Brother or Sister for the Cloned Child.And, you are also correct, and responcible in indicateing that the other forms of Cloning should take presidence over Reproductive Cloning. Has I understand it so far, this seems to be the case, anyway.The thing is (and I'm not sure if there really is any way to stop this, not for long, anyway, governments might STALL it for a while but, that's about has far as they'll get, it WILL, porceed at some future date, and who knows, you may even be one of the Scientist involved) all the current forms of cloning WILL INDEED lead to Reproductive Cloning, anyway.This is basis human nature. A primal urge that just cannot be denied. There is something about MOST Human Beings that states we MUST Reproduce if, we can not do it one way, we'll do it another. Contrary to what one individual indicated a while back yes, I DO feel that this is a Basic Human Right. We have the RIGHT to Food, to Water, to Shelter, to Be Loved & Love in Return, to Think, to Feel, to Create, and yes, to Reproduce.The things that you stated about Over Population, and the Distruction of Natural Habitat are, completely valid. There is a Delecate Web of Life on this Planet that Humanity is Blindly, and VERY Irresponcibily, Distroying. In doing so, we are SEALING OUR {{OWN}} FATE in the process. I think you need to understand something, has do most Americans, and I don't say this to be condesending by any means. Sincerely, I mean that.You in the U.S. GLORIFY Capitalism. A little Capitalism, a little Free Interprise, maybe OK. Rampent, Unchecked, Capitalism of the nature you currently have in the U.S., elswhere but, Mostly, and Largely in the U.S. is NOT, OK. Because, this form of Capitalism goes Hand in Hand with Unchecked, Rempent, GREED. It is not only overpopulation that is distroying this planet, it is GREED, as well. Certain people never being satisfied, never knowing when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Only recently I heard that Bush intends to start Loging in Some Nature Reserve, in the U.S. why? For tempory jobs, maybe but, because there is Big Bucks in it, because these are Old Growth Trees. Gient Redwoods, so I understand. Never mind that these types of Forest are the LUNGS of the Planet! Never mind that once they are gone, they will not be seen again for well over a THOUSAND Years!! Some of those trees are probably THAT Old, if not Older. That is an INSANE Policy, and I hope to God, Sensable American People will DEFEAT this Project, even before it gets off the ground. When ALL the Trees are Chopped Down, for Short Term, Tempory, Jobs TODAY, where will the Jobs be TOMORROW?! And, in the process, you have ripped away a Spitactular Wonder, untold forms of Wildfife, currently depend on, from the Children of Tomorrow. Why?!! Altamitly, it's because of GREED!! The Darn Almighty Dollar that in the end, does not even go into the Average Persons Pocket, anyway. It only helps to make some Filthy Rich PIG of a CEO Somewhere, richer still. Honestly, America really has got to start practiceing what it preaches.Do you see what I'm trying to get at here? Though you are correct in your conclusions, they are only PART of the Overall Picture. I'm not sure if the U.S. today would consider itself Over Populated. If so, what is your goverment doing about it? Maybe it would not be such a bad idea to do the same thing as China is doing, and what India SHOULD Be doing, and that is to LIMIT only One or Two Children to a family. Any more than that, just abopt.Some people are UNABLE for any number of reasons, to have a child the Natural Way. Why should Homosexual People & Maybe people with certain Phisical Disabilities who either cannot Impregnate or Bare a Child, be prevented from haveing one, and Heterosexual Couples be permited to reproduce to their hearts content? It happens, all the time, and almost, everywhere. Why is it that people in poor, underdeveloped, nations, still persist in haveing, two, three, four, and sometimes more children when, they cannot even PROPERLY take care of ONE. Even the most uneducated person should have some idea of how to prevent a pregnancy. Nature itself, teaches us that. And, banning Reproductive Cloning will not stop that. The answer to the Overpopulation of the Planet, (which might still be somewhat debateable has to what EXTENT the Planet IS Overpopulated) lies in Humanity IN MASS, all of Us World Wide, deciding that we are going to start being RESPONCIBLE in the WAY, and to what EXTENT we reproduce. Until there is that Global, Collective, Will, I think this may always be a problem, {{MAYBE!}}.Think about how much of this planet that currently unhabitable for people, maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2 of the land mass of the Planet. To address the problem of Overpopulation, should it be has bad a problem as some suggest, some of the Great Learnerd Minds of this Planet, should be working together, and trying to find ways to make the Uninhabitable Areas of Earth, Habitable. It may not be nearly has difficult as we think.There is not any one branch of Science that should develope OUT OF STEP with all the rest. All branches, and forms, should be Developeing, and Advanceing EQUALLY. And new types of Sciences should be developeing all the time, to take care of the Worlds Current & Future, Problems. They should be ALLOWED & ENCOUARGED to developed, and not for who will PRRFIT off of them either but, for the Betterment of ALL Humanity, and the Planet as, a Whole.This is something much of the rest of the world is BEGINNING to catch on to. The U.S. because it persistently wants to LEAD, or always be DIFFERENT, or because it persist in operateing along these RAMPENT CAPITALIST LINES, still needs to move in step with the rest of the Planet.Most that come to this board are Proud Americans, I fully realize that but, this is a message that Americans NEED to hear. And, in the end, how in Heaven's Name does this message hurt you? It dosen't does it? Hopefully, it only Enlightens. Now as, we begin the 21st Century is, America becomeing a Nation that REFUSES Enlightenment? Maybe its Governments but, I hope to God not the PEOPLE of America. The BACKBONE & HEART of the Nation.So, what I'm trying to say my Young Friend is that, you are indeed right in all you say but, you just need to extend it further. The overall picture is Infinately Larger, and Far More Complex than BANNING Reproductive Cloning, alone. Indeed, for that matter, stiffiling ANY form of Scientific Advancement.Keep up the Good Work though, you're well on the right track. Much Love & Respect, John.

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