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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: if god takes lifes hes an indian giver

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 18:19:56 )

These are the very sort of comments that I hope the moderators of this board will soon start to delete.Who in the HECK do you, or any of you, think you are, to be so DARN {{CERTAIN}} of what the WORD OF GOD {{IS}}.That arrogent attitude only drives people away, not draw them closer. Why can't people like you see that?Also, I've checked in on the odd Religious Forum before, and find in most cases that they are some of the most BIGITED forums, imaginable. No tolerance, what so ever.I APPLAUD the Moderators of this Board for being EXTREMELY Patient and Tolerent.Christian, or not, they show much MORE Christianity than, "so called" {{CHRISTIANS!}}, ever do.Why do I seem a little anoyed here? Because I've come in contact with this sort of attitude before, sadly, I was almost like it for a while myself, it sticks, and I try hard not to have any part of it any longer."especially when ur trying to promote the word of god :-)"You can't see the Utter Arragence and PRIDE in that statement?Christians are supposed to be Loveing HUMBLE People.Many of you, just don't get it, and it seems, you never well. I'm not sure it I'm specking to a Teenager or Grown Adult here but, the openions stand, anyway.What in the dickens is wrong with going through life with just {{SIMPLE PLAIN {COMMON SENSE} }} and, Basic Human Decancy?? Why in the Heck, would God not Honour that?Fundamentalist Christianity is, LOADED, completely LOADED with, complete, illogocal, nonsense. That's why THINKING People, by an large, reject it. That does not always mean they REJECT God, or Christ. I know I haven't, just this sort of Sickening NON Christian Attitude.I'm not trying to tare you apart here, truely, I'm not. Just to advice. I've had it don to me too. I'm here, I survived it, and hopefully, the Wiser For It. Brotherly Love, John.

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