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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 17:20:10 )

Please excuse my spelling.Thank You Very Much.I myself, will do my utmost, to respect the New Wishes of the Moderators of the Board. While this may reduse the colour and diversity of comments over this board, and maybe cause some to cease posting alltogether, in the long run, I feel quite confident that it will only INHANCE the discusssion at hand, by FORCEING people to BETTER FOCUS on the Cloning Issue, alone.Also, hopefuly, it will encourage a GREATER DIVERSITY of Comments & Openions from a far WIDER RANGE of the Population Base.I'm sure that it is the wish of the Moderators of this Board to get as broad a base of openion as possible, without being drowned out by the Screams & Cries of the Christian Right Wing in the U.S.America, has will as, most of the Great Democricies in the World today is EXTREMELY Diverse, and all too often, that diverse population base is not PROPERLY Heard over the Screams & Cries of the Religious Right Wing when, discussions of this nature are, at hand. And, I'm sure that you will redily agree that this is neither FAIR nor PROPERLY, DEMOCRATIC.And, what of it if, it takes a Canadian, to remind you of that?Also, seeing as this Forum is being published over the Web, any American comeing to this Board should attomaticly assume that many of the comments COULD, VERY WELL, be comeing from any part of the Planet. This is the EXQUISIT Bennifits of communicateing over the Web, and certainly, very, extremely bennifitial, for people such as yourselves as, you indevour to formulate your agendia for the advancement of this Science.Has much has, it may agrevate this Proude Canadian to admit, nine chances out of ten, it will probably be the U.S. that will lead the way in this Technoligy as, you lead the way, in a great many others. This is not to say that it CANNOT be don in Canada, or elsewhere but, right now, the motivation does not seem to be there. So, it would seem quite Right & Proper for you to be getting ideas and openions from all over the world if, and when, you can.I have so far, greatly enjoyed many of the comments, and ideas that I have read over this board. Those that do not focus TOO Much on the Religious aspect of this. I consider myself a Global Visionary, and maybe if, I where liveing in the U.S. I would now have my Freelance Writing / Social Reform Career, much further off the ground. Liveing where I do, it almost seems impossible. I'm very frustrated with the Society Around Me but, that's another issue, and one for me to deal with, I guess. But, in the Mean Time, I am continually seeking out OTHER People who possiblily could consider themselves Global Visionaries, too. In the U.S., in Other Parts of Canada, in Europe, in Asaia, Africa, Australia, India, Russia, the Middle East, indeed, anywhere in the World, I Gladly, and Whole Heartedly, WELCOME You ALL.For me, this issue of Cloning is, only one of, a great many issues that Humanity should be persueing in order to ADVANCE the Human Species, overall. In the end, I think we all know that there REALLY IS {{NO}} Canadian, American, Europian, or anything else of that nature. We are {ALL} {{Citizens}} of Earth, {ALL} Shareing the Very {{SAME}} Planet, and {ALL} faceing the Very {{SAME}} Issues. Talk to ANY of your Atsonauts, those who have seen Planet Earth as a UNIFIED WHOLE, and ask them if they feel that I'm right, or wrong.I am asking America, and Americans to once again begin to look OUTWARD, and {{EMBRASE}} the Entire Planet, not {DICTATE} to but {{EMBRASE}] as, you once, indevoured to do. We have a great, beautiful, and wonderfully DIVERSE Planet, a true JEWAL amoung the Heavens. And I'm acking VISIONARY Americans, to see that, along with me, and for ALL OF US, to work TOGETHER, to Inhance, and Preserve That.Canada has MUCH to offer to the Decision Makeing of the U.S., so too, have many other Nations. Contrary to what many of your leaders wish to make you believe, MOST of Humanity, is not AGAINST You, and you need not, go it alone. The fear that currently exist in the U.S. is Crual, and Largely, Unfounded. Once you begin to RESPECT & EMBRASE the Rest of the Planet, there will be NO REASON for anyone to want to harm you. But, your leaders will NEVER tell you that.VISIONARY AMERICANS? If you are there, Old or Young, Rich or Poor, Black or White, Christian or Muslem, I want to make contact with you, and TOGETHER, Establish and International Oganization of Global Light & Enlightenment. In this indevour, I want the VISIONARIES from all over the Planet to, come on board.My e-mail is available to you, plase e-mail when, and as often as you like. I am temperarily, unable to respond but, soon should have that rectified, and will reply to as many as I can. I've been going into Three Years Now, trying to get something off the Ground, now I'm ready to branch out to WHOEVER would wish to listen, and be a part of what I want to do.God, I wish I where Leading the U.S., in all Seriousness, you would never have experienced what I would do for the U.S., and the World in General. But has is, I'm just a Poor Man, in Another Nation, trying to be a VOICE in any way he can.I wish the Moderators of this Board Much and Continued Success in the Ungoing Discussions on this Issue. There is MORE that I still have to learn yet. In regards to my own personal problem of haveing a Child, I am now also seeking help from the Raelian Movement, as well. And also, being incredably fasinated by their Overall Philosophy. You may consider them freaks but, I see a lot of Great Global Visionaries amoung the Raelian Ranks. They are not about Cloning ALONE, you know.So, that's it, enough of my rambling, for now. I wish everyone all my very best, and please, no matter what your Government TELLS you, you should do, or be, be the sort of PROPER Americans, you feel you HAVE to be. In short, be TRUE, to Yourselves, and your OWN, Inner Insight.Much Love & Respect, Your Canadian Brother, John.

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