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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

moderator ( 05/13/2005, 06:19:30 )

We have noted the various comments regarding the mention of so-called "God Talk" in this message board. While the line that separates God and science is at best gray, nonetheless, it now seems necessary to draw the line somewhere in order to preserve order and the logical exchange of ideas for the board.So, here goes:The board will accept comments on God and religion as long as they are related to the inherent subject matter of this board, i.e. cloning and science. However, the board will not accept comments on God and religion which are made for their own sake, particulary those which tend to preach to or deprecate against board members who have different or contrary views.From hereon, the moderators reserve the right to delete comments of the latter kind.Thank you.

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