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Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/12/2005, 23:24:44 )

Hellow My Brothers, and Hopefully Some Sisters, too:OK, Will, I'll try this again.Has anyone here ever spent a large amount of time trying to put something together, over the web, only to have a fooled up computer system cut you off midway? That's what just happened to me. Talk about being Christian, you almost need the patience of Jobe when dealing with computers and the web, sometimes, most times, these days it seems.Now, has I stated before, I am asking that the people over this board bare with me because, my spelling is Extremely Poor, and right now I have no means by which to correct those errors. Someone once told me to use the Old Fashioned and CKECK A DICTIONARY {{BUT!}} if your not sure how to spell the word to begin with, and you are only going by the way it sounds to you, you can be half the night sometimes, just trying to find out how to spell one word. After all, the structure of the English Language is rather odd at times. And the way some words are spelled.Personally, I think the Whole Language should be Modernized, I really do, and words spelled according to the way they sound, or close to it, anyway.Normally, I use my Yahoo E-Mail Server for this purpose but, right now it seems I may have spywear downloaded on my computer, and it has begun to effect my e-mail servers, as well. I currently have four, and all four have been effected so, it must be my compter, and not the servers. I hope, anyway. I will soon get my computer cleared, and then will be able to e-mail properly, again. I hope, anyway.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So, at any rate.Thank you all for responding to my post but, I think you still may have missed my overall point so; I would like to make this suggestion to the Moderators of this Board:Seeing has there seems to be a sizable number of people who wish to persist in induldgeing in the Religious Conatations in relation to this Futuristic Science, I would like to suggest that a Seperate Discussion Forum be set up for this purpose, alone. This will allow this discussion to continue unabaited while, freeing up THIS Forum for the Scientific, and OTHER Ithical Implications of a NON Religious Nature.Should the Moderators find it worth their while to set up ANOTHER Forum of this Nature, I am, more or less willing to act as One of the Moderators for this New Forum.I think that salution will meet everyones needs. All you have to is, Set it Up, I'll try to do the Rest. Maybe our Friend John, might be willing to act as Co-Moderator, should he have the time for it.Has I said, I too, enjoy discussions about God but, in all fairness, unless it is directly related to Cloning Itself, this really is not the Forum for it. And, for many of us to persist in this Discussion, Debate, whatever one would wish to call it really, is only abuseing the Very Reason of why this Board was set up to Begin With.I'm sure the Moderators of this Board are quite well aware of the fact that there is a Very Strong Christian/Conservative Bias AGAINST this Technoligy, they really do not need it shoved in their faces on a daily basis. I would venture to guess that 95 to maybe 99% of it is, Very ill informed. Fundamentalist Christians, has well as, Fundamintalist from Other Religious Persuasions, tend to, by an large, respond to all these Scientific Matters from the Perspective of FAITH. Pure Faith, and Pure Science, do not mix well, at all. This is why, should this particular discussion continue, it should continue over another Board, one sponsored by the Cloning Foundation, if possible.Have we all, so quickly forgotten, about Galilaio (I'm sure I spelled that one wrong)? Look what was don to him, just for presenting FACT has he saw it. Because of Blind Superstition, and Mindless, Dogmatic FAITH, he was FORCED to RECANT {{FACT}}. In effect, LIE to himself of what he KNEW was true. Had he not don that, there is a Very Good Possibility that the Poor Man would have been BURNED {{ALAIVE!!}}. Common Practice in his day.People, My Brothers & Sisters. One does not have to be overly religious to KNOW that God, a God of LOVE & COMPASSION {{FIRST & FOREMOST}} does not expect such BARBARITY. The things don in past ages {{IN THE NAME OF A {LOVEING} GOD}} would make the MOST ARDENT Satianist Blush.I share these things because it's high time that Christian Fundamentalist WAKE UP, PLEASE!! I plead that with as much love and decency as I know how to express. Most of you are probably good decent people. Most of you would never advocate that ANYBODY be hurt but, Your Blind Fanatisisum, indirectly, causes that.Has J.C. and others advocate, and as I've learned myself, QUESTION EVERYTHING! It is NOT a Sin to Question! Why have a Brain period if, one is not going to QUESTION, and search things out for themselves? And Jesus Said: "Come, let us {{REASON}} Together." Even from a Fundamentalist Christian Perspective, how can I possibly make it any plainer? Continually, I am so totally amazed at how those who CLAIM to be Servents, and Followers of Jesus, have NO Understanding of him, at all. I would even go so far has to apply that to Bush, and MANY of your leaders in the U.S. today.This whole discussion so upsets me, has in WOUNDING My Spirit because, the Biblical Depection ALONE of Christ is SO Plain. Don't just buy into a BLIND DOGMATIC MESSAGE (today's version of it), please, look for yourselves at how Christ LIVED His Life. {{THAT}} was the Message, and MORE POWERFUL than ANY Words he could have spoken.People, this is not the least bet complicated here. If, you still don't get it, it's just because you don't want to. We cannot continue to take the Viewpoints & Understandings of Over TWO MILLINIA Ago, and apply them to today. We just can't. Can't people see the Utter Illogic of That. Jewisum, Christianity, and Islam, all orginated from the MIDDLE EAST, the SAME Middle East, we shake our heads at today. If, we think the Middle East of TODAY is Backward then, My Goodness, how much MORE SO, Two Thousand Years Ago!! All this should go without saying, once you set back and start to think it all through.Has it dawned on any of you, My Preciouse Brothers & Sisters that, your Modern U.S. Christianity BEGAN has a Middle Eastern Religion. Not altogether different than many others of that day and age. It has gon through MANY Transformation over Two Mallinia. And, beyond that, originally, it was nothing more than just another Jewish Sect, so much so, unless I'm mistaken, the Jewish People of Today, fully recognize Christ has a Great Jewish Prophet, on par with Abraham, Eligah (sorry, spelled wrong), Noah, and may others but, not, God in Carnate, or a Special Son of God. Nor do the Muslims recognize this, has you quite well know. Ho can we PROVE that they are WRONG, and Christians are RIGHT? Outside of Blind, Domatic, FAITH (no primis for PROVEING {{ANYTHING}} ) we CAN'T.Oh my, there is so much more to all this than many of you want to acknowledge, and in this day and age, and what should be a Truely ENLIGHTENED Society, that is so very sad.And, right now, I can't add much more.Has J.C. Continually Says, Peace be with YOU, and ALL Humanity.Much Love, John.

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