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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 02:59:01 )

after all, He created Science right? lol -------------------------------------------------------------- It's interesting Sir that it had to take SECULAR Thinking to get someone like yourself to that point.What more valid reason do we need to prove that Science is NEEDED.PURE Science Sir is UNBIAS. It just presents the FACTS has it finds THEM.Religion is LOADED with all sorts of Pre-Conceived Notions, non of them proven, many, vertually impossible to prove. A prime case, this ungoing debate of whether of not God Exist. In the end, it is a very Futile Dabate. It cannot be PROVEN one way or the other.And, leave it up to PURE Religion, and there would be NO Science, period.Galiliao, remember? And countless others too, who have furthered man's understanding of the world around him. All Scientist, or Secular Thinkers.God created Science? Well, God created our ability to INVENT the Scientific Method. Interesting how the Church, these wonderful followers of God, and Christ, tried to supress it for so long.So, my dear Sir. The next time you pray, you thank GOD for the FREE THINKERS of this World who THEY and NOT RELIGIONIST Advance the Cause of Humanity. Much Love & Respect, John.Also Sir. My comments are directed at EVERYONE, and not one person in particular. It just worked out that way that yours came to be the one I responded to in this respect. Take Care, John.

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