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Please CUT BACK on the God Talk. Thank You.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/02/2005, 14:56:30 )

Listen Everyone; Has you may be starting to realize, I too enjoy talking about God but, the discussion that has gone on for some months now is, completely fruitless, and seems to be enlightening NO ONE, or Very Few, anyway. I don not believe this board was set up to have Christian Fundamentalist PREACH at everyone. There are those here who take great offense to this attitude, and there is a very good possibility that it maybe scaring a great many people from NON Christian Backgrounds, and those of NO Strong Religion conviction, at all, away. Many of you are NOT Sharing, you are PREACHING. Trying to SHOVE down the throats of others YOUR Dogmatic View of things. It is not right, and it should stop. I'm fairly certain that the Moderators agree with me on that. There are no shortage of Christian Right Wing Websites you can go to in order to push your DOGMATIC point of view, maybe it would be better if you searched those out. Also, those who come to this board just to waist time, and post utter nonsense, childish trivial foolishness, should stop, too. Soon, this will no longer be tolerated. And don't shove Freedom of Speech in our faces because, this has nothing to do with it. It's just an attempt to get all the NONSENSE {{OFF}} this Discussion Forum that in no way shape or form ENHANCES the overall discussion at hand. I'm not speaking on behalf of the Moderators but, solely for myself but, hopefully this will help the Moderators in the process. A little light discussion concerning God, might be OK but, this is a Cloning Discussion Forum, first and foremost, and all topics brought up should RELATE to Cloning, when and wherever possible. Is this clearly understood? I hope so. Maybe in the future this discussion can proceed a little more smoothly. I don't want the Christian Right Wingers flying in my face over this, should you do so, you will only, one more time, be showing you TRUE, Hypocritical, Colours. Thank You, Respectfully, John.

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